weavveEarly Beta

The joyful and easy-to-use alternative to Powerpoint and Google Slides.

weavve is a new presentation app with powerful features that helps you create engaging decks without forcing you to spend too much time.




weavve makes creating presentations convenient. Move fast, don't compromise on design or quality and tell small and big stories in an engaging way. Meet weavve. A companion for your ideas.

Preview of the weavve app

Is this just another landing page?

While still limited in features due to our early beta status, weavve is a fully functional product.


When will weavve be available?

We're moving fast but want to make sure to deliver a great product, that's why we're limiting access. First invites will go out in April 2022.


Is weavve for individuals or teams?

weavve is targeted at both individuals and teams. As a user you'll be able to create multiple workspaces, share them with others or keep them private.


How much will weavve cost?

While we have not fully decided on pricing plans yet, there will be a limited free plan as well as dedicated plans for individuals, teams and enterprise.


How can I get access?

You can either sing up with your email address to our waiting list or fill out our short form to get access even faster.


Does weavve suit our very specific use case?

Why not let us know what you have in mind? Please feel free to reach out via hello@weavve.io.

weavve is launching soon. Sign up to our waiting list for early access.